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What is a Medicare Supplement?

Aging into Medicare can be a very confusing time. There are so many options (and so many letters in your mailbox) that it can be overwhelming to sift through what is what and what is best for your healthcare needs. Original Medicare parts A and B are generally enrolled for you upon turning 65 except Read more about What is a Medicare Supplement?[…]

Individual Mandate Repeal: How It Impacts You

It is true that the recently signed into law tax bill does remove the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act. However, this repeal of the mandate does not go into effect until 2019. This means that you must still have minimum essential coverage for 2018 or face the possibility of a tax penalty. So Read more about Individual Mandate Repeal: How It Impacts You[…]

I Missed Open Enrollment, What Can I Do?

If you have missed the open enrollment period for the marketplace that does not mean you cannot get insurance coverage for 2018.  There are many options to get coverage for the New Year, including avoiding the 2018 ACA Penalty. Because you missed the deadline you do not have as many options and will not be eligible Read more about I Missed Open Enrollment, What Can I Do?[…]

Save Money On Prescriptions

One of the most confusing pieces about healthcare are prescription medication costs. The Affordable Care Act made stipulations on drug coverages that are almost impossible to understand, and not all carriers are uniform in the way they present their drug tiers. Here is what you need to know: For each type of drug you are Read more about Save Money On Prescriptions[…]

Open Enrollment Is In Full Swing

2018 Open Enrollment is in full swing and everything is running smoothly so far. It is not too late to get coverage for 2018 but time is running out. Open Enrollment was cut from 90 days down to 45 days this year and ends on December 15th in most states. There is also no word Read more about Open Enrollment Is In Full Swing[…]

Open Enrollment 2018 Begins Tomorrow!

It is finally here, Open Enrollment 2018! Tomorrow you will be able to enroll for insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act for the 2018 plan year. Here is what you need to know: Open Enrollment lasts from November 1st to December 15th in most states. Premiums have increased in most areas. We have actually Read more about Open Enrollment 2018 Begins Tomorrow![…]

Schedule Your Open Enrollment Consultation Today

2018 prices for the Affordable Care Act are now available. The Open Enrollment period starts on Wednesday and there are still many questions about regulations and any new laws or orders that would impact everyday Americans. Our team is here to help you navigate all of those issues and to get the coverage that you Read more about Schedule Your Open Enrollment Consultation Today[…]

Healthcare Changes For 2018

With the 2018 Open Enrollment period now only one week away many people are asking what has changed for 2018 with regard to their health insurance? The simple answer is nothing much has changed. The main changes for the way 2018 will operate is that premiums are going up virtually across the board and some Read more about Healthcare Changes For 2018[…]

What About the ACA Penalty?

What is the Penalty? People are very concerned about the Affordable Care Act penalty if they do not have what is called “Minimum Essential Coverage.” First, what exactly does “Minimum Essential Coverage” mean? Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) is any plan that falls into several categories. Below are a few types of plans, a full list Read more about What About the ACA Penalty?[…]

Why should I use an agent to shop for insurance?

In the age of the internet anyone can go and buy an insurance plan without speaking to an agent or a broker but is this really a good idea? Insurance is complicated and without proper training it is virtually impossible to understand all of the policies and how they work. An agent helps you understand Read more about Why should I use an agent to shop for insurance?[…]